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Do you have enough space



Evenin’ all. The Copier Countess here to provide you with more japes and helpful handy hints and tips. This week were talking about space!!! Nooo, not ‘the final frontier’ kind, but the ‘where the bloomin’ hell am I gonna put that’ kind.

You see, I’ve learnt over the past year that photocopiers are a bit like a Mary Poppins carpet bag and although most don’t contain a tassel floor lamp a brass hat stand and a house plant, they do have an incredible amount of features in a very compact little package. For example:

- The Olivetti MF3301 is a compact machine that packs a bit of a punch, containing a lot of the same features as its much bigger bro. For example, it has a print and copy speed of 33 pages per minute for mono and colour prints, it has a 7-inch colour multi-touch panel, an Integrated web browser, Airprint ® printing, 2GB standard memory that can expand to 4GB and Biometric Authentication (fingerprint recognition scanner) It’s also pretty green and has one of the lowest power consumption levels in its sector, as well as the use of recycled materials and bio-plastics.

- There is also the Toshiba 408P, which is a fabulous little machine at 39.9*37.4*26 cm weighing in at just 14kg. This compact machine has an ultra-high yield on toner, It comes with Airprint and is fully network capable, achieving high quality printing on a broad range of media at a speed of 40 pages per minute. It’s a great little machine that has a low energy consumption and can happily sit on your desk freeing up bags of floor space.

Now, if you have loads of space and want to fill it with something a bit grand and lovely, I’ve got some ideas for you

- The Toshiba e-STUDIO range is a bit special. The series is packed with great technology and cool innovative designs to help you and your office connect and integrate simply, with the added benefit of a compact carbon footprint. It comes with what you’d expect from an all bells and whistles machine, things like mobile printing, scan to and print from USB and job reservation (the queuing of multiple copy or print jobs to be selected whenever) but it also has some pretty fabulous options that you can add e.g. a dual scan document feeder that holds an amazing 300 originals and boasts an impressive 240 images per minute by scanning both sides of the page in a single pass. And multi station print solution which allows you to send a print job from your desktop and retrieve it from any machine by using/swiping an id card. Brilliant, convenient and time saving I reckon.

This isn’t the only regally grand machine out there, there are many more and if your interested in knowing more send me a telegram (or a quick email) and ill happily elaborate

So, have a little look around, what do you reckon? You got room for a big one? (ooohhh errrr!)

Don’t forget if you have any questions, just ask as I always have time in my royal schedule to help out my loyal subject. And if there is anything you would like me to talk about in my next blog just lemme know

Until next time my little beauties…..Thank you and goodnight!