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Toshiba e-STUDIO 330AC user review

Read our review of Toshiba 330AC MFD before you buy, rent, lease or hire this machine for your business and watch our YouTube how to videos

Why have we written a review?

The simple answer is that at Copier king we sell MFD photocopiers and printers that we trust in an office environment. We believe in being open and transparent with our customers and providing simple and honest reviews of the machines we sell gives you an understanding of our products, how they work and what MFD photocopier or printer would work most effectively in your own business environment.

The Toshiba 330AC is a specialist dealer machine that you just cannot buy from cheap online outlets that don’t support you and the product afterwards. The Toshiba e-STUDIO 330AC is configured to work with your bespoke office needs, as we know that every customer is different. The UK based sales team at Copier King get to know you and your business, so that:

a) You don’t end up wasting your company money on a machine you just don’t need, or will get the full benefits from

b) We offer many different configuration options on our machines such as the dual scan document feeder, an option which alone could reduce the amount of valuable time your staff members spend on manual input at a photocopier, freeing them up to be more productive elsewhere. We want to provide you with suitable options available to you aligned with you business needs.

Lets talk about the basics

Essentially the Toshiba 330AC is a Multi-Functional Device (MFD) which means it prints, copies and scans, in full colour or Black and white (mono) in multiple sizes including Its build quality is outstanding from a name you can trust. Its simple to put in the paper watch how to video here and you can choose from a range of A3 and A4 paper trays. Then your ready to go!


Its copy speed time is quick at 30 pages per minute and the copy quality is impeccable with laser precision. It’s simple and easy to use and with options such as the Dual Scan Feeder, copying of any kind and of any size is an absolute breeze! Watch the short video here.


As a printer you can connect to this to your network as a wired device or WIFI if you have chosen the wireless dongle option. You can then add a printer on your PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet and begin to print. It really is that Simple! It has a basic driver and Copier King recommend using the “Toshiba Universal 2 driver” for all windows PC’s, this will make printing a breeze and as soon as you hit “print” your documents will start being processed regardless of file format such as Jpeg, PDF, excel docs, word documents and PowerPoint presentations all. Printing to a Mac, iPhone or IOS will pick up on “Secure Airprint” if you are connected to the same network as the printer so a big thumbs up from all our Apple users! Android smartphone users are also happy people as NFC (Near Field Communication) is inbuilt, allowing you to print off documents and pictures from your phone.


Is the Toshiba 330AC good at scanning? Yes! This MFD is very versatile in different environments and has a whole range of scanning options such as:

  • scan to email
  • scan to file
  • network folder scan
  • scan to Cloud,
  • scan to Gmail,
  • scan to Dropbox,
  • scan to Googledrive
  • scan to Onedrive,
  • scan to Onedrive for business
  • scan to Driveimage

It is all there for you to access from the smart touchscreen pad with easy access from the home clear, simple to use Home screen. *see video**

Scan to email is only as good as email server you are using and the internet connection you are sending from. Microsoft365 is fast becoming the choice of email solutions being pushed by IT companies and with the Toshiba 330AC, one of our biggest selling machines used across multiple environments, we are pleased to report that every customer that has one, has not experienced any issues. Praise indeed. This is due to the in-built security that Toshiba builds into the DNA of the photocopier allowing connections to work seamlessly.

So how fast can I scan a document?

From the home screen, touch “quick scan”, choose your name in the address book, or enter it manually watch how to video here and hit start, it is really simple! Watch how to video here

The Toshiba e-STUDIO 330AC is packed full of innovative technology, reliability, speed, and quality and is a machine that we recommend at Copier King.

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