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Supporting Dental Practices to reduce spend and increase productivity

At Copier King we are proud of the diversity of business we look after. We are lucky enough to have customers of all sizes, from large corporate organisations, to SME businesses to self employed and start-up companies.

Our customer base has grown rapidly over the past few years across all sectors of business, from Solicitors and law firms, to schools and educational establishments. From charities and churches to Televisions companies, events, and entertainment businesses, to builders, accounting firms and Councils.

One area of business that we have seen an explosion of growth in for us over the last year is Dental practices and we have found ourselves becoming expertly aware in knowing what this type of business needs and being able to deliver excellent cost saving benefits and print management results for them.

These customers have come to us with a range of expensive and financially draining shop bought printers such as HP’s and Epsom printers, which although may have seemed like a good deal in the beginning, have proved to be incredibly expensive in consumables and inks as well as being unable to provide the quality, flexibility, and efficiency that these businesses have needed.

At Copier King we are part of the digital revolution and understand that now, more than ever it is important for any business to be able to identify and replace printers and photocopiers that are inefficient and needlessly expensive to run. Our skilled and dedicated team have provided these companies with a Free print audit, designed specifically to help ascertain where the company is losing money and then providing support with the ongoing management of this. For the recent Dental practices, we have taken on we have focused on the volumes and specifications of the machines that they already owned, outlining existing expenditure, focusing on the toner costs and coverage, consumables outlay and the total cost of ownership over the lifetime of the product. We have then been able to identify performance gaps and opportunities and cost saving strategies, tailored to the needs of that business type.

We have developed an extensive knowledge of the way the dental practice industry works and is run and have become experts in considering the best way to support these businesses with performance enhancing and cost saving strategies.

Most of these companies, in the beginning, have been unaware of their wasted spend and we have been able to implement business machines that have drastically reduced their financial outlay and increased performance.

The Toshiba 2515AC has been key in implementing performance enhancement and cost reduction, with its flexibility and possibility to access information and data anytime from anywhere, its superior document workflow capabilities and impressive colour output as well as full network capabilities including scan to email, scan to folder and ethernet printing, this machine has been worth its weight in gold.

The Toshiba 338 range has also proved valuable in this business area. With its compact desktop size and ability to produce remarkable high-quality documents with crystal clear graphics and high-speed capabilities as well as smart technology that ensures consistent quality, even for the largest print jobs.

We have been able to reduce spend for these Dental practice companies by up to 30% and have streamlined their processes, to increase productivity and ease of use.

In some cases, we have been able to streamline their spend even further converting all their printing to black and white from colour, with our range of desktop printers, saving them even more financially.

In all the new businesses we have taken on, we have been able to reduce their costs and efforts even further with our outstanding service contract. With a no minimum spend cap, we allow our customers to pay for only what they use. Included in this great service we cover everything from consumables and ink cartridges, to servicing, maintenance, fixes, parts, repairs, and labour. In fact, all they have to worry about is the paper that they put into the machines.

Our feedback from all our new Dental practice companies have been outstanding and they have had nothing but praise for the way we have identified, handled, and implemented the fleet of machines in different locations across the country, managing their printing services for them and saving them an incredible amount of time, effort, and money in the process.

At Copier king we pride ourselves on always putting our customer first, whether these be new or existing customers and we have now become experts in understanding the printing needs of this business sector.

Our reach is growing, and we are now able to support businesses across the whole of the UK. So, whether you are a Dental practice or a business from any other sector, and you want support to get the best print management solutions and equipment that will undoubtedly save you time, effort, and money, we are the experts in our field.

What are you waiting for? Call us today on 01892 597150 and see how we can save you and your business money.