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Photocopier and printer leasing can benefit you and your business?

A cost effective alternative to the outright purchase of the printers and photocopiers you need

Photocopier leasing explained by an FCA approved business. Do you need a way to spread the cost of your new photocopier? Do you need an alternative to buying these outright?

At Copier King we provide tailored photocopier FCA approved leasing solutions for you that provide many benefits including:

  • Enabling you to spread the cost of your printers and copiers
  • High end photocopier products at an affordable price
  • A return on investment via increased productivity, higher print quality and improved efficiency
  • Tax deductible
  • Leaving capital available for your business to use in other areas
  • Opportunities to upgrade or trade up your photocopier machine
  • A fully inclusive service contract that provides consumables, call outs, maintenance and fact everything apart from the paper you use in your copier
  • Free delivery, installation and training

When you lease printers or Multi-Functional Devices with Copier King you have the option to select the length of time you would like to set the agreement for. This is typically 3 or 5 years, but there is the opportunity for flexibility and we can offer a variety of lease lengths to best suit you and your businesses needs

The photocopier lease payment will be a fixed amount, there will be NO rise in the lease price or payments through the term you have agreed with us, providing you peace of mind and an opportunity to accurately financially plan for the future.

The payments can be made monthly or quarterly, depending on the option that suits you and your company best.

You then have the option to upgrade your photocopier printer equipment before or after the agreement expires to ensure that what you have is suitable for your ever evolving business needs and requirements.

At Copier King we find that photocopier leasing is the most popular way of getting a high value photocopier or printer for your business as it allows you to spread the cost over a period of your choosing.

So what are you waiting for? Get your photocopier FCA approved leasing with Copier King today! Call us on 01892 597150