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Thuasne UK is going from strength to strength

You already know that copier king are expert suppliers of photocopiers and printers as well as sales, leasing, hire, rentals, repairs and service maintenance contracts and that we are advocates for supporting and promoting local companies, businesses and charitable organisations in our community as we continue to grow our #GivingBack project.

One such company that we are proud to have had as our customer for over 5 years is Thuasne.

Thuasne creates and distributes made to measure medical devices and innovative solutions that enable people to become active players in their own health. Founded in 1847 they are experts in the field of orthopaedics (backache, musculoskeletal problems etc), medical compression and homecare. They also have a range of sports products aimed at preventing injury and aiding the resumption of sports activities.

Their mission is to provide patient care via innovative medical devices that offer made to measure healthcare solutions. Patient autonomy, enabling the ability to take control of your own health and Patient freedom, by expanding the choices available to the increasing mobility and wellbeing.

Thuasne have several of our devices including a Toshiba e-studio 2515AC colour photocopier and a Toshiba 408p desktop printer which support the complex daily operational functions of their business.

Ian Whittaker the Marketing executive at Thuasne has this to say about Copier King:

‘Thuasne UK are a local Kent based medical devices company who have worked with Copier King for over 5 years, and have always found them to be a high quality and responsive partner who takes care of all our copying requirements, providing cost effective solutions.’

Thuasne addresses the needs of todays patients via a very broad range of devices, on such being the ActionReliever knee brace for arthritis pain. This is an off-loading brace which applies corrective forces on the leg in order to reduce the load of the compartment affected by osteoarthritis. By helping to hold the leg in a normal alignment, the ActionReliever brace helps reduce compression and inflammation and in turn this generally relieves pain.

Around 5 million people in the UK suffer with knee osteoarthritis and this figure is set to grow to 8.3 million by 2035. The pain caused by knee osteoarthritis can cause people to reduce their level of physical activity and even avoid certain types of everyday tasks, such as walking up stairs etc. This lack of movement can diminish physical fitness (muscle strength and stamina) but also flexibility and weight control. All of which result in increased pain and stiffness.

The ActionReliever knee brace is now available on prescription in the UK. You would need to discuss suitability for this brace with your GP and then if appropriate a prescription can be written. This has only been available on primary care prescription since late 2019, so some GP’s may not yet be aware of its availability.

Attentive to the needs of patients and health professionals alike, Thuasne meets its commitments and has constantly innovated since its creation. Today it meets contemporary requirements and anticipates those of the future.

With 2,100 employees around the globe, 20,000 professional customers, commercial presence in 85 countries and 30 to 40 new product references every year Thuasne is a company that is growing and going from strength to strength.

We are proud to have them as our customer and will continue to support and develop our relationship into the future.

If you would like to contact Thuasne about the ActionReliever brace or about any of their products or services you can email call 01892 481620 or visit them on social media

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