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We are more than a supplier of A3 and A4 photocopiers and Printers

Copier King are more than a supplier of A3 and A4 Photocopiers and printers

We offer excellent service, print audits, upgrades, rental and hire, leasing, fixes, maintenance and much more

We have recently upgraded the business photocopier lease for Caremark in Horsham, West Sussex, and in doing so have been able to support them with an effective cost saving approach.

You see we did not go into their business and try and sell them the most expensive MFD we had, or the printer that provided us with the most profit margin, No! We chatted with them, carried out a print audit, found out what they were looking for and assessed the needs of their business and the machine end users, ensuring we paired them with a new Toshiba photocopier and printer that would work for them.

They previously had an Olivetti/Konica Minolta photocopier in their business which produced A3 copies and although a great product, it was not suitable for their needs anymore. The team did not need A3 printing anymore and were happy to work on A4. They expressed that they needed a colour machine that would copy, print, scan, and fax.

We delved into our product catalogue to find a multifunctional device that would work for them and fit their needs and the Toshiba e-STUDIO 330AC looked like it could suit their needs. However, we wanted to ensure it was a good fit for their business.

Scanning was a key business need requirement and the 330AC measured up, as while the 100-sheet dual scan document feeder automatically adjusts any skews as it scans, it can also scan 120 impressions per minute. That’s pretty fast! The Toshiba e-Studio 330AC is also equipped with a scan preview functionality that allows you to scan, rotate pages, or even change their order.

As a busy and thriving company, with lots of staff, they were keen to reduce queues or wait time at the printer and this machine comes with Print Around, which eliminates printing bottlenecks by allowing other print jobs to go around any job being held-up for a specific paper size, media type or even colour toner if not available in the machine.

It was also important to this business that the machine is user friendly and easy to use. The Toshiba 330AC come with a tilting 10.1” full-colour, tablet-style touch screen with embedded web browser which makes it easy to navigate features and functions. You can also customize the user interface to your needs and simplify the menu structure to improve workflow and productivity.

Lastly a key requirement was that they could use the machine on the go and print from anywhere. The Toshiba 330AC has Cloud accessibility is built-in, so you can simply print documents from the cloud, scan to a folder, email, or a variety of cloud-based applications. And with Toshiba’s Auto-Launcher, you can even scan and print from a USB quickly and easily.

After listening to their needs and understanding what they truly wanted we had a winner! The Toshiba e-STUDIO 330AC is equipped with all the technology and functionality that the business and its users really need.

Caremark were over the moon and wanted to continue to get support from us going forward and with our All-Inclusive photocopier Service contract we can do just that. This print management service contract gives you complete peace of mind, covering all:




Regular Servicing



Qualified engineer call outs



AND we will be automatically notified when services or supplies are needed.

We were able to upgrade an existing business customer with the multi-functional device that they truly needed, streamlining their business process, supporting cost and time saving strategies and ensuring that their machine is fit for purpose. Not only that, but we are also able to continue our relationship with Caremark Horsham, collaborating in an honest, transparent, and effective way.

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Caremark in Horsham, West Sussex have been long standing customers of Copier King and as a well-established, highly regarded home care provider offering home care, personal support, home help and companionship services, we are proud to have them with us.

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