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Handy hints and tips

Supporting our customers

At Copier king we are more than a photocopier and printer supplier, we offer out customers support on a regular basis and as well as providing maintenance, servicing, fixes and IT help we like to ensure that the running of their business’s machines are effective and seamless.

We have put together some handy hints, that may support you:

Lines appearing on your printing and copying.

A handy hint to get rid of this is to clean your machines Charge Grids and Laser Slip Glass from any toner that may have dropped onto them. In the video, our engineer, Roger, shows you how to do this. The demonstration is being performed on a Konica machine; on a Toshiba device the Charge Sticks will be green.

One thing to bear in mind with older Konica models such as the 220, 280 and 360 is that the Charge Sticks will be metal, and it is important that you don't bend them.

Getting your machine ready for full usage again

If your printers or photocopiers have been idle for a while and not getting any/much use, a handy hint is to change the paper in the machine. When left for long periods of time the paper can sometimes get damp, causing blockages and jams.

Cleaning the glass

One area that needs regular maintenance on all copiers is the glass that you put documents on to copy. This glass can build up with dust and grime, causing streaks and smears on your copies. Clean this glass regularly, with some glass cleaner and a dry cloth.

Paper Jams

Paper jams are a pain and they do happen. Anyone who has used a photocopier or printer will have spent time trying to unjam a pesky piece of paper at some time or another. The root cause of a paper jam is often dust on the paper rollers which stops the paper moving through them freely. To maintain your copier so this does not happen, simply wipe the paper rollers with a lint free cloth regularly.


When you are scanning documents, ensure that any staples, paper clips etc., have been removed completely from your documents as they could potentially scratch or cause damage and block the printer or photocopier, causing jams and all sorts of machine mayhem.

Have a company expert

It is a good idea for one (or a few, depending on the size of your business) person to have the maximum training on your machine, that way this person can share their knowledge internally and be a source of local support. It is also incredibly helpful to have a single point of contact who has knowledge of the machine and its history, including things like where any spare inks and consumables are kept. This can often save a lot of time, effort, and money wastage.

Copier King are here to support you and your business with all photocopier and printer needs so please don't hesitate to contact us on 01892 597150 or email us at