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Benefits of Photocopier Leasing explained

How leasing can help your business in Kent and Sussex financially

Photocopier Leasing

Be aware photocopier leasing involves entering into a hire agreement that allows you to hire the machine for set period of time. After the lease agreement expires the equipment is retained by the leasing company. You can upgrade before the agreement expires or after to ensure that your equipment is still suitable for your current requirements. This is the most popular way of getting a high value photocopier or printer as it allows you to spread the cost over a period of time, normally 3 or 5 years. You can also take advantage of tax benefits for leasing the photocopier over a 3 year term.

Outright Purchase

Outright purchase requires a large initial outlay in the beginning but can sometimes work out the better option in the long run if you are confident that your requirements will not change considerably over the next 3-5 years. If you intend to keep your equipment for a long time and the equipment is available for less than £1000 then buying the machine outright maybe the best solution for you, ask a Copier King member for a solution that will suit you.

Financial Summary

The financial difference between the two options is relatively little based on a 5 year period, but leasing over a 3 year term is more beneficial due to greater tax benefits.

The Conclusion

The conclusion is that both options have their benefits but if you want the flexibility to change the equipment as of when your requirements change then we believe that leasing the photocopier equipment is the best option for the majority of businesses.