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Christmas at Copier King

A festive update

Christmas at Copier King is looking very different this year as I suspect it is for most businesses. The usual hullabaloo and excitement of the office Christmas party is very much absent this year and with a lot of people working from home or remotely there is very different festive feel all round.

2020 has been a year of great change and for many businesses the arrival of Covid-19 has been the catalyst that pushed them to become mobilised. The right tools for the job have become essential to ensure that people can fulfil all aspects of their role wherever they are based, not just now, but in the future too.

We have been very aware of this impact and the changes to our old and new customers and have worked hard to adapt our processes and equipment to better support them. Offering a new and wider range of desktop multi-functional devices that can be placed on coffee and dining tables, are cheap to run but provide excellent quality and are jam packed with functionality to enable the mobile, home office way of working to become easier, more flexible and with enhanced capabilities.

For example, we have stocked the brand new, award winning, multi-functional printer from Toshiba. The e-STUDIO 400AC.
This A4, colour machine is compact, powerful, and flexible, packed with features such as:
• Toshiba e-BRIDGE Next platform
• Full flexibility and connectivity
• Workflow automation
• Industry-leading security standards
• Excellent energy efficiency
It provides high performance in an A4 machine, easy integration and is designed to support businesses to enhance the way they print and process documents.
It was the winner of the Best Buys Editors choice awards for 2020 and has been incredibly popular, flying off our shelves. The feedback from our customers has been great and has made the mobilisation of their workforce much easier.

It is no surprise that 99% of those currently working remotely from home, would like to continue to do so at least part time for the rest of their careers and you may have discovered there are many benefits for working remotely; for you, your company and your workforce, here are some statistics:

  • 77% of people say that working from home has improved their overall health and well-being
  • 85% of over 15,000 global businesses confirm that great location flexibility lead to an increase in productivity
  • 80% of people said that when faced with two similar jobs, they would turn down the one that did not offer flexible working conditions

These figures seem to show that flexible and home working can be advantageous to employers and employees as long as you have the right equipment and with 67% of workers saying they would be more loyal to their employers if they had (or were able to keep) flexible working options, the benefits to your business could be long lasting.

Christmas this year will be very different with the Covid-19 guidelines in place, there are lots of restrictions. The main focus is to keep yourselves and your loved ones safe as best as possible and of course, although the Covid-19 pandemic has ruined a lot of things this year, It cant stop you from putting up your Christmas tree, from tucking into your turkey or listening to ‘white Christmas’ on a never ending loop this year. Christmas will arrive on the 25th of December as it does every year and there will be presents, mince pies, chocolate for breakfast and TV repeats as there always is. We will feel the impact of the restrictions, not being able to see all of our loved ones, or to be able to travel as we may have liked, but Christmas is coming, and like so many other things this year, we will adapt and change and make the best of it.

We are open all over Christmas to support you and your businesses as we are aware that, like Santa’s elves, businesses continue to be busy over the festive period. We are closed on Christmas day and the following 4 days as even we need a little rest 😊 and will be back and available for all your needs on the 29th December.

Whatever the Christmas season looks like for you and your business we wish you joy and peace and prosperity for the rest of 2020 and the whole of 2021

Merry Christmas

From the team at Copier King