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The Wonderful World of Workflow

Supporting you and your changing business

The world as we know it is different!

2020 has been a Covid-19 pandemic focused frenzy of change, challenge, confusion, loss, and uncertainty. However, from all of this, small businesses, companies, and organisations have survived, and even thrived. With adaptability, accountability, a multi-focused approach, and a flexibility of working that we have never seen before, people have transformed their way of working to fit in with our new environment.

Our fast paced and technologically advanced world of business encourages high energy, focused, multi taskers who are required to work remotely from kitchen tables, sofas and garden sheds and to be able to print from their mobile phones….and this is great…...or is it?

By creating a workforce that is all things to all people, are you leaving yourself open to issues such as being exposed when you need an expert in something particular, or having someone to make the all-important workflow follow an organised path so productivity and inefficiencies do not creep in?

what is a workflow?

Simply put a workflow consists of structured and repeatable methods or practices which allows an organisation to manage or process information. It can be made up of a few simple steps to make sure the coffee in the kitchen doesn’t run out or it can be a set of complex rules that have far-reaching consequences for large companies and their shareholders.

The flow may refer to a document, service or product that is being transferred from one step to another and viewed as the basic foundations upon which an organisation runs its business.

What are the benefits of Workflow Software?

Improvements in productivity

Copier King are always looking for new ways to help you, our customers, to ensure that automated digital workflows reduce the time spent on manual tasks and by partnering with Workflow software suppliers we can do just that.


Workflow management is vital for your senior team and managers to have a solid overview of what is happening with business-critical processes at any given moment.

Faster reactions to change

Reacting to change is something all businesses should be able to do, quickly, and workflow software enables flexibility to be factored into all processes.

Improvement in Accountability

Productivity can be monitored and measured and allows continual improvement and process adaptation.

So how can you manage your workflows productively?

Firstly, your senior team/managers should work out what processes the company has in place already (or wants to have in place in the future) and whether they are producing the right results for the business. At this stage, it’s ideal to check how they are set-up, how they operate and how they are performing by monitoring a defined sequence of tasks, arranged as a workflow application.

If a company finds that its multi-tasking employees have their own ways of working, within different departments, but are not communicating this to others, then this will halt the workflow and the work will generally be unproductive.

If there is a level of communication but the workflow is still not productive or efficient then the likelihood is the procedures may not follow a clear pattern or be happening in the right order. This will show up if some procedures are missed out along the way, by which time, some important actions may have been missed out.

Let’s handle your workflow processes a better way.

At Copier King we are in the business of providing value for money solutions that improve your businesses productivity and if your workflow systems are in disarray, there not being followed by your employees or you just don’t have any robust ones in place, I have a question for you...

If we show you a system that means your company improves productivity, competes better against your competition, reduces your costs, and saves you time – would you be interested?

If the answer is yes then contact us and let us help you, its what were here to do

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