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Lease a new or refurbished photocopier or printer from Copier King

Copier King lease new A3 photocopiers and also lease refurbished photocopiers

What happens when you lease a photocopier? Usually you receive a new MFD/ photocopier or printer, the lease arrangement is organized by the copier supplier but the money is borrowed from a bank. The bank will require its asset to be fully maintained just like a company car so you will also have to cover the costs for maintenance and servicing, but alternatively you could opt for a all inclusive photocopier service contract to run alongside the term of the photocopier lease. You will enter a contract of use and in the end of the contract period, this can be anything between 1 -5 years, then the device can be returned or purchased by you for a specific price. The low acquisition price and monthly cost is one huge advantage. Once the lease term is finished you can upgrade and sign a new contract for a new photocopier or printer and the first contract is over, this will make sure you will always be up to date with the latest technology. Copier King make photocopier leasing easy, once the lease has finished, an advantage of leasing with us is that you won't have to dispose of an old copier, this can be taken care of by us, unless you choose to keep the machine. Maintenance and servicing of your new leased photocopier can be included through Copier Kings all-inclusive copier leasing contracts. Only pay for what you use unlike competitors where every month you have to pay a fixed fee, which can sound good but more than often you are giving away money and not using the services! With Copier King's all-inclusive photocopier service contract, the delivery of supplies is included. Copier leasing has a benefit of tax depreciation advantages and liquidity is not compromised. Photocopier leasing is a must when you are looking for a new print system, the devices can be expensive but quite often an office may choose to have a "follow me print" software added or a "scanning solution" as an option, this can also be added as part of the lease agreement.

What is the disadvantage of copier leasing? you will have to pay the interest of the monies borrowed over the agreed term, this will make the initial price of the photocopier MFP, this is just comparable to if you finance a car. This can be a small disadvantage if you offset that you actually keep cash in the bank and we all know in a business "cash is king"! Lease providers do require that the machine is maintained throughout the agreed lease term and any damage endured must be fixed before returning the equipment . The worst case, the contract may be terminated and you will be charged additional fees that will be made clear in a lease company welcome pack.

Renting a Copier

We are the Premier leasing Photocopier Company for Kent, Sussex and Surrey. Copier King is a top supplier of leading printers, photocopiers, and multi-functional devices (MFDs) to rent, lease, or purchase in and around the UK

Please see our copiers that are available to lease: New & refurbished colour A3 and desktop photocopiers to rent, lease or buy. Call us today to find out the best copier lease price 01892 597150

Popular areas in Kent we provide copier leasing to: Photocopier and printer suppliers Maidstone, A3 Photocopier and A4 Desktop printer providers in Tunbridge Wells Kent, Tonbridge A3 & A4 Photocopier and printer suppliers, repairs and servicing, A3 & A4 photocopier copier leasing and servicing in Sittingbourne, Kent, ME10, New, used and refurbished A3 A4 photocopier and printer supplier in Medway Towns, New and Refurbished photocopier supplier in Ashford, Kent, TN23

Copier King are an FCA approved company offering photocopier and printer leasing that you can rely on. We offer a flexible, low cost photocopier leasing which allows you and your business to take advantage of all the benefits that printer leasing can provide.

Copier King have a wealth of industry experience and have FCA approval status, which is why we know exactly what it takes to offer our customers the best photocopier leasing service possible. We understand that every business has its own unique needs and that it is key for us to understand what these are so we can provide the best solution and support your business to be as efficient and profitable as possible.

We provide photocopier printer leasing for businesses in Tunbridge Wells, Maidstone, Sevenoaks, Ashford, Brighton, Eastbourne, in fact right across Kent, East Sussex, Surrey and throughout the UK

We are a market leader in photocopier and printer leasing and have the ability to offer great deals, not just on leasing, but also photocopier hire, repair, rentals, sales and after care.

Since the company was founded over a decade ago, Copier King have enjoyed a 96% customer retention rate, demonstrating that we are delivering what our customers want and need consistently.

We regularly receive 5 star reviews from our existing customers, further reinforcing the understanding that Copier King are a strong, reliable, innovative and fair company to do business with.

Premier photocopier and printer leasing from Copier king

We are proud of our FCA approval to supply and offer photocopier leasing for the most efficient and innovative products on the market from huge names such as Toshiba, Olivetti, Konica Minolta etc and offer sustainable, affordable and flexible leasing to enable customers to be able to utilise these MFP products for their business.

Our photocopier leasing agreements offer you 1-5 year lease periods, deferred payments of 6 months and the option of ownership at the end of the lease agreement. Photocopier and printer leasing is a cost effective alternative to purchasing outright, a there are tax allowances for leasing that are not otherwise available.

Our flexible photocopier leasing service also allows you the option of upgrading your equipment should your circumstances change at any point during the leasing period.

Is photocopier leasing the right option for you and your business?

  • Do you want to reduce your monthly costs?
  • Do you want flexible options?
  • Do you want high performance machines for a lower cost?
  • Do you want the option to upgrade your machine if your needs change?
  • Do you want to receive tax benefits?
  • Has your business been running for a year or more?

If you answered YES to some or all of these questions then copier leasing is the option for you. Call us on 01892 597150 to have a no obligation discussion about the options we could offer you.

If you answered NO to one or more of these questions then short term photocopier rental could be the best option for you and your business. Find out more information about this in our Short Term Rentals page or contact us on 01892 597150 or email us at and find out how we can help support you and your business.

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Contact us today on 01892 597150 to discuss all your photocopier leasing needs. Or alternatively email with any questions or queries you may have about our photocopier leasing service; if you wish to obtain a brochure for any of our photocopiers you can do this by contacting the email above.