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We are proud of our customers, the relationships we have with them and the work that they do

Introducing RGF Support Ltd

At Copier king we value our customers and the relationships that we have with them. We also highly value the work that they do, and RGF Support ltd. is no exception.

RGF have been customers of ours for many years and use the Toshiba 2515AC for their business effectively and successfully. Paul Crowther, Director at RGF Support Ltd had this to say about Copier King:

‘We have been looked after for a number of years by Charlie and Emma at Copier King. We have moved offices, numerous times and have asked for printing advice along the way. We have always received great service and support but, that does not cover the additional help and advice we have had from the team.

At every opportunity, RGF have recommended Copier King to other businesses which should speak volumes about our confidence in the team to deliver the same service and support to others in our network.

Without doubt, we will be staying with Copier King and we would be happy to field calls from anyone who might be deciding which company is the best to sign a new contract with.’

RGF Support is well positioned to deliver the most up to date training packages to colleagues and staff in the aviation industry. With over 25 years’ experience of delivering both practical and technical training to a variety of businesses and organisations.

They provide training in:

Airside driver training, Ground Handling, First aid, Health and safety, MEWPS, Forklift and Aircraft fuel tank entry to name but a few. And that is not all.

The team at RGF have evolved to provide Covid-19 testing, responding to a need, initially borne out of an aviation requirement for people to be tested for Covid-19 before they were allowed to enter a country.
RGF not only deal with the aviation community but have extended this valuable resource to support any and all businesses and organisations that could benefit including schools with Covid-19 antibody testing. The test they offer is quick and highly accurate and is obtained by a small finger prick and a drop of blood with results coming back in a few minutes.

They can comfortably test up to 60 people per pre-booked session and are happy for friends and family to be included in the test. The test focuses on the antibodies a person has or is producing and indicates if a person has had or has the Covid-19 virus. They use this alongside a body temperature check.

RGF Support Ltd also offer a Thermo-Fogging service, which is the quickest and most effective method to kill Covid-19 and many other viruses and bacteria

Sanitising vast areas where large numbers of people circulate is a challenge.

It would require a large team to clean an area and would take significantly more time than it will take one of RGF’s mobile units to effectively sanitise the same area.

RGF’s Thermo-Fogging system is perfect for any internal and external surfaces and has proven effectiveness to eliminate Covid-19 and many other infectious diseases and bacteria. How else will you sanitise all surfaces and the spaces between them? RGF will be able to access every surface top, bottom, vertical, horizontal, angled, concealed, hard or soft.

Cloths and mops are a thing of the past, and so they should be, in the fight to maintain a high level of cleanliness in the same way you would expect it to be in a hospital.

Any surface provides a place to settle for bacteria, viruses and diseases. Standard cleaning will not provide effective protection against Covid-19. Most current cleaning methods will only serve to move, spread or temporarily reduce the number of bacteria or virus on a surface. RGF’s system, using a fine mist, will kill 99.99% of these in any space or area, including outdoors.

The need to disinfect an area where any person can come into contact with Covid-19 is essential and must become part of the regime of any employer to prevent its spread to its employees, clients, members public and, of course, their families. With RGF’s system in action, a workplace need not have areas closed for long durations, forcing it to reconsider how to operate. Large areas can be disinfected extremely quickly without the need to move items or worry about computers, paperwork or food having to be covered or moved. Speed, thoroughness and effectiveness is key to maintaining your business activity and developing client, staff and public confidence.

RGF are well placed to provide an effective solution for your business, organisation, club, charity or privately through Service, Rental/Leasing and Staff Training.

RGF Support Ltd are a company that is evolving and continually developing and expanding on its 25 years of experience and knowledge in the industry and beyond. We are proud of the work they are doing and to have them as valued long term customers.

If this is something that you and your business may be interested in please get in touch with us here at Copier King or contact Paul or Andy at RGF Support Ltd directly on 03333 445 747 to speak to them about the services they can offer your business or organisation