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Speed Doesn't Always Kill

Most companies rely on one office photocopier. Depending on the business, the copier machine may be used continuously throughout the day or in some cases, sit in a corner waiting for the odd photocopy, scan or fax to be received. In both cases, the services the copier or MFD (Multi Functional Device) provides are time critical.

A business thrives on productivity, and if a company relies on one machine to help drive a cog in its well oiled wheels, that machine needs to be reliable - ready to switch on, work and deliver the goods, whenever it is called upon.

Important factors considered when buying, leasing or renting a photocopier are cost and reliability. Does it come within budget and is it the right machine for what the company needs?

A third consideration is whether a company is happy with the customer service they are receiving.

Businesses with heavy photocopier usage want to minimise the disruption replacing any office machine will bring; and if the office solution is being provided by a new company, they not only want to know the customer service is going to be good, they want to know how fast a new photocopier can be delivered, installed and employees trained to use it.

With 25 years of industry experience between them, Copier King has been supplying photocopiers, MFDs and other office solutions to companies throughout Kent, Sussex and the south-east since 2010. They are very competitive when it comes to price, flexible in offering contract terms, but above all, drive their business by offering excellent customer service. They are very proud of their 98% customer retention rate and will always go the extra mile in placing the customer first, every time.

"Companies want to know how quickly we can deliver and install machines, as much as ask about our overall customer service" says Charlie Stevens, Managing Director of Copier King. "We can have a new photocopier installed and ready to go within 24 hours of receiving a call."

Reliable, flexible and always available. Just like the photocopiers they provide, Copier King will not simply deliver a photocopier, like some of their competitors. They will place the photocopier where it needs to go, even if that means lifting it up or downstairs; and they won't leave until the machine has been installed, setup on a network if required, and be sure someone has the knowledge and confidence to use the machine.

Copier King have unrivalled experience in providing photocopier leasing, printer hire services, leasing agreements, the best range of products, bespoke managed print solutions and excellent customer service.

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