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Keeping customers safe with Endura Shield

Photocopier cleaning in offices to help stop the Covid 19 spread

Looking after our customers at Copier King using Endura Shield.

Copier King is a long established supplier of office equipment including leasing photocopiers and printers, the majority of which are installed and maintained by our own engineers. What sets us apart as a company is the pride we take in our work and looking after our customers. It has been challenging for every company throughout this current Covid 19 global pandemic to keep working safely and install faith not only into people walking into our office but to every customer that one of our cleaned and out on site the engineers clean down the photocopiers and printers after they have finished performing any work on them, we was introduced to Endura Shield!

Endura Shield has been an excellent addition to our cleaning and sanitizing habits, not just for our office but all the photocopiers and printers in our service base nationwide. Once the initial cleaning is performed we are using Endura Shield, it’s like adding a layer of long lasting protection over everything and this helps installing confidence of feeling safe when inviting public and company representatives into our office. Endura Shield has also proved its worth to our on-site engineers, we always clean the printers and photocopiers in our customer’s premises once we have worked on them but Endura Shield allows engineers to sanitize all plastic panels and deep clean the touch screen, this is one of the parts on a photocopier that everyone will use to enabling scanning or copying. Once cleaned and sprayed with Endrura Shield the nano SiO2 controlled release disinfectant helps any bacteria stay eliminated for up to 10 days, so we can walk out of their premises with confidence that we have gone the “extra mile” with keeping our customers safe.

Customers often ask what is being spraying in their office as most of our previous sprays and cleaners are solvent based, Endura Shield has grabbed attention as there is no odour to it which has been a pleasant surprise to the people who have gone to grab their nose when we go to spray in their office. The feedback from our engineers has been that it’s very easy to carry in a 200ml bottle, fragrance free, dries quickly without any stains and it leaves every surface clean and shiny, this even applies to glass cleaning and touch screen sanitizing.

Copier King will carry on using Endura Shield after this pandemic passes, it is an excellent product that adds a welcomed blanket of protection and installs faith into our end users of equipment. It also shows a level of respect Copier King has for our customers and by using Endura Shield it sometimes is the simple things that mean the most to people.

Company director and Copier King

Charlie Stevens

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