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The 'new normal' in business

How Copier King have evolved our photocopier and printer range to support

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we do business, and life, forever, but one thing is for certain: business owners are adapting at lightening speed and are adopting new skills, processes, technologies and perspectives to survive.

Here at Copier King, we have been supporting our customers through this transition to the ‘new normal’ of business and we continue to help them navigate this new world with supportive technologies and business equipment.

In 2019, which seems like a lifetime ago in some ways, our top selling machine was the Toshiba 2515AC, a machine that can service hundreds of peoples printing, scanning, copying capabilities. A place where the team would congregate for a chat about the weekend or to catch up on what happened in the meeting they missed. It was a central point of the office, providing state of the art multifunction in outstanding colour, with impressive features and a document output speed as well as mobile printing and a tablet style user interface. This machine was not only the backbone of business, but it was also a place of congregation, social interaction, and momentary contact with colleagues.

This is, of course, a distant memory to most businesses now. Remote and home working has taken president and for those that do still need to go into the office and work from the, bubbles, sections and screening partitions have become the new normal.

What this has seen is a change in the technologies and essential business machinery such as Printers and MFD’s that are being required, and as business needs have changed, so have our offerings to support.

Our desktop machines have become pivotal to keep businesses running and operating smoothly in this ‘new normal’ for business. MFD’s such as the Toshiba 338CS have become the front runners for support with productivity, reliability, and ease of use. Its compact A4 size, means its suitable for a desk or even a dining room table. with remarkable imaging quality, a large paper capacity and dual scan document feeder that allows businesses to digitise documents for easy storage and retrieval from the cloud and with an incredibly speedy processing time. This gem of a machine has been integral for businesses making the switch to remote or home working.

Similarly, the 408s from the same range, offers flexible connectivity options and mobile printing support as well as reliable print speed, print, scan copy and fax functions and a large touch screen, all in a compact design. This has kept businesses operating, wherever employees are working from.

With segmented and bubbled working in offices and businesses across the country, the space in the workplace has needed to be considered, adapted, and often changed to fit in with government and safety regulations. The central office, large multi-functional devices have made way for desktop printers that are used for individuals or small groups of workers.

The shining star of these have most definitely been the Toshiba 338cp and the 408p. This cost effective, desktop printer has been hugely popular in supporting the evolution of businesses over this last year and with their a wide range of applications thanks to its efficiency, adaptability and reliability. The 338cp has mobile printing capabilities that enhance businesses with flexible working in multiple locations with crystal clear images in a robust A4 desktop size delivering a cost effective, multi-use solution.

The 408p, designed with low energy consumption in mind, offers high quality, reliable A4 mono printing. A perfect addition to any workgroup or home worker that is small enough to fit in any size workspace.

It is clear that the shift towards ‘the new normal’ has seen businesses embrace new technologies much sooner than maybe they would have done, making adjustments to accept remote workers and transitioning employees to working from home on a more permanent basis. This flexibility can add to a more capable and productive workforce if they have the equipment and office machinery support to do the jobs that need to be done.

We have evolved the product we are offering to support the way businesses have and are changing and we continue to develop our products and support packages to suit every type and size of business.

Contact us to see how we can support the evolution of your business and help you to evolve your business to suit ‘the new normal’, what ever that means for you.