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Where would you go to buy an office photocopier?

When looking for an office photocopier for your business, where do you go?

Local out of town business parks, with ample parking and large shops full to the brim with shiny electrical goods including photocopiers may seem like an obvious choice, when it comes to buying your office machines. But is it really the ideal solution?

Shops such as Currys, with row upon row of every electrical appliance you need for 'home and business' can certainly seem appealing. Just choose the photocopier you like the look of, pay and drive away. But what happens when you get to the office and encounter a problem while setting the copier machine up?

Buying the cheapest photocopier may seem like a good idea. But for a busy office with a heavy workload, what seems like a cheap option as you load your new photocopier into the car, may result in a short-term fix and the start of a frustrating waste of your time.

The difference between Currys and a local business office solutions company such as Copier King, is that Copier King will not only deliver, they will setup and install your photocopier before showing you how it works.

What happens when you experience a problem?

Calling Currys, you may be left listening to piped music, waiting for assistance when you really should be concentrating on your business. When you eventually get through, you may be explaining a technical fault to a very friendly salesman, who quite possibly didn't sell you the correct machine for your business in the first place; and all he can suggest is for you to return the machine to the shop or request a third-party call-out, which you may or may not be covered for. Neither solution is ideal and leave you frustrated, while your photocopier is left not working.

In business, time is money. If your business relies on a photocopier or Multi-Functional Device (MFD) and it isn't working for you, nor is your business.

Copier King are not looking to sell you a photocopier or service plan based on profit margins or sales quotas. From your very first contact, they are only interested in providing optimum customer service. That includes providing you with unbiased friendly advice, 25 years of industry experience, only the right machine for your needs, and to be available for you whenever you need help.

Not all office solutions companies offer the same level of customer service. Unlike their competitors, Copier King offer the highest level of customer care by ensuring a maximum 4 hour response time for all their customers and the peace of mind that your photocopier is being monitored by bespoke service software at all times, highlighting potential problems that your photocopier may encounter.

Copier King can take away the strain of your photocopying and printing needs by offering a wide and increasing range of photocopiers to buy, rent or lease; and with a 98% customer retention rate, testimonials from Copier King customers show a high level of satisfaction with the service provided:

"Copier King have surpassed all of our expectations in their provision of our Olivetti and ongoing support when it has been needed. From the outset we have received an exceptional bespoke service from Copier King. This local firm readily, and sensibly ascertained what our actual copying needs where and matched these to a suitable printer whose properties matched all the criteria, from size, design, printing capacity and importantly budget. The installation was completed efficiently, and when we have needed support, this has always been delivered on the day within a very a small time frame; the customer service has been second to none."

For more information on how Copier King can help your business by providing photocopiers to buy or lease, call free on 0845 689 0012 or email