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Unrivalled Experience

Copier King have unrivalled experience in providing customers with photocopier leasing and printer hire services and leasing agreements. We are based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent and Brighton East Sussex, we opened for business in 2010 and service businesses, schools & enterprise level clients; boasting a 98% customer retention rate, it's clear to see all our customers are King!

If you are not satisfied with your existing provider perhaps we can help!

A large number of our existing clients are incredibly honest & open about their previous suppliers & their comments to us highlight that due to extensive small print, hidden extra costs, un-breakable contract clauses, sub-par equipment and slow or unresponsive service, they were often left feeling disgruntled, hard done by and out of pocket... At Copier King we listened & took heed of these comments subsequently designing our "club class customer service" so as to avoid these issues, hence our 98% customer retention rate.

Why switch to a Copier King Photocopier lease agreement?

If you answer YES to the following questions, then Copier King is the photocopier leasing provider for you:
  • Are you unhappy with your current lease provider?
  • Are you stuck in a contract you're unhappy with?
  • Do you want to update your existing equipment, but are currently bound by a leasing contract?
  • Is your current service agreement too expensive?
  • Do you want to pay off your current lease and move to a more reliable company?
  • Are you disappointed with your existing standard of service?
  • Is your existing equipment no longer suitable for your requirements?

At Copier King we allow you to buy, rent or lease your printers, photocopiers and office equipment with greater confidence, flexibility and less expense than our competitors.
(Not ready to make the switch just yet? Contact one of our experts who will give you truthful, unbiased advice about your existing contract and talk to you genuinely about your options.) What should you do if you are unhappy with your current leasing provider?

Contact one of our photocopier experts who will give you truthful, unbiased advice about your existing contract and help you every step of the way in making the switch to a better, more flexible & less expensive service.

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