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Social media or Google?

It’s funny how our brains work isn’t it?

Social media is an interesting concept – we make all these connections and friend on sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, but when we need something, office equipment for example, do we look through our connections and see who may be best to help us, or do we just Google it and go with whoever suits our subliminal needs best?

Most of us have a social media presence, in some form or another and most businesses use social media in some way to network and build their brand. So that must mean that most people have some social media connections with local businesses, companies or franchises. They will see posts from them, laugh at their GiFFS, comment on their statuses and ‘like’ what they are doing.

But when we want something, whether it be a cake maker or a photocopier, do we look through our social media contacts and get in touch with them? Do we look through our friends list, our tweets and recent comments and likes and get in touch with these small (or large) companies, that we have a good brand awareness off are invariably smaller and local companies? I think that maybe we don’t – I think that we Google ‘Cake Makers’ or ‘Photocopier suppliers’ and then look at the top 3 searches and contact them…..and this makes me sad.

As someone that looks after her company’s social media activity I am aware of how important it is to network, make connections and build a brand awareness to be proud of. These are all things we work hard to achieve at Copier King and it can be very rewarding, particularly when you are able to work with another business and mutually support each other with great products. But I think that often this isn’t the norm and I am curious as to why? I would imagine it’s a time/effort thing? After all it only takes a few seconds to type a few words into a Google search and pick from the top 3, particularly when large businesses are experts at subliminal messaging and appealing to us with buzz words that we are unaware attract us. Whereas looking through your social media contacts, history and connections it’s a bit more laborious – however, I believe that the extra time and effort is totally worth it. You see I think you can understand a lot from company’s social media presence and not just what they publish on their statuses. You can see what companies and affiliates they like and are in contact with, if they support other local businesses, work with charities etc you can also see what products they sell and how they go about doing this – do they have offers on or do they offer discounts for their online customers. Its also a great tool to see what other people think about them – comments and unofficial (and often more real life) reviews on them, their products and work and its great to see how the company responds too.

You see all of these things give you a richer understanding of the company/people you could be potentially be working with and as well as the possibility of saving money in the short term in the guise of discounts etc, you also get a sense of the long gevity of the business as well as the value they can truly add to your business. It’s a great way to understand the people you are aligning your self with and in turn a brilliant way to build your own brand awareness, much better than the pot luck nature of Googling.

I am sending you subliminal vibes to call Copier King on 01892 597150 for all your copier, scanner and printing need and next time you need something, have a look at your Twitter account, see who your friends with on facebook, check out your Instagram history and see if there is anyone in there that could help you.

Go on, try it….it could save you an absolute fortune