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Raising the bar (barcode scan share)

Raising the bar of Bar code scanning with Scanshare

We have a customer, a medium sized business who deal with a lot of job sheets. With their current process they’ve had to scan on and then link all documents manually to the job number via an Application on the customer’s desktop computers, resulting in the scanning often taking an entire afternoon to process, as each Job Sheet contains 5 pages of additional information.

This customer needed some help as they really wanted to improve their current process of scanning these job sheets from A to B, allowing them to process and close the clients job quicker and more efficiently, resulting in increased efficiency, cost savings and ultimately an improved customer resolution time, enhancing the customers experience and satisfaction.

Our solution was to introduce the customer to ScanShare, which we felt would really enhance their productivity and help them achieve what they had set out to as a business. It works like this:

When a Job Sheet is completed it is scanned, via SMB, to a Folder on the Scanshare Application Server. The scanned document can be saved and sent in TIFF format. If the document contains more than one barcode it is split into multiple documents, based on the number of barcodes contained in the original document.

Each Barcode is processed, and the file is renamed after the Job Number contained within the barcode.

Not all Job Sheets have barcodes so, to process files without a barcode, the scanned documents need to be processed via the Embedded Scanshare MFP App on the customer’s multi-functional device: printer-copier-scanner (MFP). When the Job Sheet is scanned, the embedded Scanshare App asks for the Job Number, which is required to be 6 digits in length and contain only numbers to reduce the chance of errors.

The Scanshare Server Application renames all processed documents with the Job Number and creates an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) PDF document. This is then stored in a folder on the server with the job number in the Autoflow Application folder. This is useful for if Job Sheets look similar, because if two Job Sheets look the same, and the number is always in a fixed location, then OCR allows each document to be set up to take this into account.

The customer used job sheets with embedded barcodes, these contain job numbers on the top of the first page. They wanted to be able to use the job number to rename and store the documents and once they were introduced to scanshare they could see how these barcodes could be utilised effectively, speeding up batch scanning by using the job sheets barcodes as scanning separators. The resulting workflow allowed job sheets to be processes quickly, enabling the customer to clear their backlogs using batch scanning and overall helping them to achieve the goals they had set out: To speed up the process and improve efficiency, enhance customer turn around time and resolution and ultimately improve customer experience and satisfaction.

The customer was so pleased with the process they are now looking at other areas of their business where they can use scanshare to improve the workflow and further enhance their processes.

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