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Proud supporters of Carbon Zero scheme


We at Copier King are invested in working toward a better environment and we are proud of the work that we are doing and the companies that we work with.

One such example of this is Toshiba, who, in conjunction with C02 balance have an amazing carbon Zero scheme going on which aims to completely offset the carbon footprint of their machines from procurement to delivery and beyond.

Carbon offsetting allows for the investment in projects that save the emission of, or absorb an equivalent amount of CO2 to that of any Toshiba product’s footprint. Through this process emissions are balanced to become ‘Carbon Zero’ which allows for positive business activities with no detrimental effect to the environment.

It is important wherever possible to reduce consumption of materials and energy as a priority. This not only helps to fight against global warming but makes best use of resources and keeps costs down. Carbon offsetting is wonderful because it goes even further by reducing the release of greenhouse gasses such as carbon dioxide to the same value or a greater value than what’s associated with the product that’s being offset.

At the same time carbon offsetting can also really help with developing communities by providing low carbon technology and much needed assistance with basic energy requirements.

There is a significant social and economic benefit of all of these projects that are supported, and all of these are regulated by the United Nations approved standards

Toshiba has a long history of innovation including environmental awareness with all of its products. During design and manufacturing Toshiba makes every effort to reduce the environmental impact of its activities. However there are always some unavoidable carbon emissions from the manufacture and operation of its products. The Carbon Zero scheme seeks to minimise the lasting impact of our products as well as to provide support to communities in developing countries.


There are 3 main projects that we are working on and I will talk more about them in the next blog