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Ordering letterheads? Erm ……. Why?

Whatever do you buy your letter headed paper for? Stop throwing away your money!


As a member of Royalty, I am aware Headed notepaper is synonymous with class and expense and corporate highflyers. It’s a luxurious item that regally displays your company name and its contact details, with additions such as partner names, letters after your name etc and its all designed to make you, and/or your company look prestigious. These letter heads are purchased in bulk and are used to elevate your documentation to the dizzy heights of accomplishment.

However, did you know that you can create these letter heads yourself using a simple programme like Word? It has header and footer capabilities and you can add logos or pictures if you need. Just set up a template and it can be used at any time. This can also be used for compliment slips, invoices in fact any office stationary that you use. And if you only have a black and white printer and a coloured letter head or office stationary, upgrading to a colour printer will most likely still save you money.

The benefits of this can be huge, particularly as you often need to buy these letter heads in bulk, so if details change in anyway your leftover letter heads are rendered useless. By setting these up yourself you can amend the template whenever you need too. You also have the double charger per piece of paper as you will be paying for the letter head and the printing on the page, so you will be able to save on this too.

The best thing about making your own letter head templates is you can print them as and when you need them, so you don’t need to have boxes of letter headed paper hanging around.

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