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Is cheap really cheerful

Imagine the scenario….you need a photocopier for your business, so you have a look and get 2 quotes.


1.= £2500 2.= £1700

They are both exactly the same make of photocopier and they both have the same capabilities. So, its an easy decision isn’t it, you’d choose number 2, the cheapest one at £1700 right?

But wait a moment! Photocopier 1 comes with free delivery and set up as standard and they also provide free training to users on the machine. Photocopier 2 doesn’t come with this, so it has to be purchased separately at a cost of £250. But that still makes photocopier 2 cheaper by £550

Both photocopier 1 and 2 come with a service contract and they are both charged at exactly the same price ( ½ penny per mono copy and 4p per colour copy.) Photocopier dealer 2 will even give you the first 1000 mono copies free each month. Photocopier 2 is looking to be such a good deal and you take it. But you haven’t noticed in the small print that they increase their copier charges each year by 20% for the life of your contract……but its only 20% of a few penny’s so it won’t make much difference??? Right??? I mean photocopier 2 is still a better deal isn’t it???

Well the answer is NO! You see assuming you have a service contract with them over 5 years (the standard) and you use an average of 2000 colour copies and 2000 mono copies per month – over the 5 year lifetime of your service contract you would have paid over £2700 more than what you would have paid with photocopier dealer 1 who do not increase their prices year on year and that’s with the 1000 free mono copies a month thrown in by photocopier dealer 2.

In reality, the price tags should read the following:

1.= £2500 2.= £4650

It's really easy to be tricked into thinking that the cheapest photocopier is the best value for money photocopier but that isn’t always the case. There are things you need to look out for, like delivery charges, set up and installation fees, removal of old copiers, training of users, service contract fluctuations and regular increases. You also need to consider that a photocopier comes with a whole range of different parts and although you have purchased the photocopier machine, do you have to pay extra for trays, or a document feeder, a cabinet or Network settings? These are all things that can go un noticed but will really impact the price of the machine.

Make sure you choose a company that is transparent and up front and who will talk you through all of their charges and any additional extras that might be needed, because remember… isn’t always cheerful.

Don’t forget if you have any questions, just ask as I always have time in my royal schedule to help out my loyal subjects. And if there is anything you would like me to talk about in my next blog just lemme know

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