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The Copier Countess says Don’t forget to wipe

The Copier Countess says…Don’t forget to wipe See the source image

I think I can safely say we have all heard enough about GDPR to last us a lifetime and are now all fully aware of the implications of non-compliance when it comes to data positioning and data security. We know how to use, hold and store data in our offices and on our PC’s and laptops and we all know the terrible consequences of leaving those important papers in the local coffee house after one too many caramel lattes. But I have one more thing for you to consider….

Did you know that modern digital photocopiers contain hard drives like a computer, allowing them to store images of every document ever scanned? Yup! I’m afraid so. These images can often contain highly sensitive information from that lucrative contract you just signed, to the social security numbers, credit card accounts or medical records. All these are prime targets for identity thieves! But don’t panic – we’ve got this!

Our Copier King Approved Refurbishment Programme with multi point checks including Data Strike, has been designed to provide customers with peace of mind when buying or part exchanging an MFD (Multi Functional Device – i.e. a copier, printer and scanner) or photocopier. The trained engineers will strip down the machine checking all key components, cleaning and replacing where needed. They will format all the data on the machine ensuring that all types of data on the flash and hard drive are eradicated. The team ensure that each and every refurbished machine is nearly new and is fit for purpose for your needs.

Having a refurbished machine is a great way to keep your costs down and when you take out a Service contract, your machine is looked after – so all breakdowns and parts, call outs, support, toners, inks and consumables are covered under it. It’s a win-win!

So, when getting rid of, buying or part exchanging your photocopier, make sure that the data that is stored in the deepest, darkest depths of the machine is eradicated so that it can’t be used or poached by a naughty fraudster.

The Copier Countesses advise for this week is, for goodness sake, please, don’t forget to wipe See the source imageelse you could really end up in the See the source image


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